Articles that appeared in the trade and local press,

nationwide and news from internet portals.

Gröna Trender – “Hundraårig smidestradition runt…”

Nowy Kamieniarz – “Furmanek Renewal has restored the floor at Saint Cross” – “They finished work on the courtyard of the palace”

Polish company restores graves of World War II refugees.

Świat Kamienia – “The construction of a monument dedicated to the soldiers…” – “Grand opening of the tower at Saint Cross”

Rynek Kamienia – “Furmanek in Lithuania and Italy” – “Old Staroste Court in Podzamcze Chęcińskie looks like new…”

Nowy Kamieniarz – “Furmanek Renewal in Romania”

Radio Kielce – “The Sikorski Memorial in Gibraltar”

Gazeta Wyborcza – “A company from Daleszyce is building The Sikorski…”

Echo Dnia – “They will deliver stone to Smoleńsk” – “A company from Świętokrzyskie Province will deliver stone…”

Echo Dnia – “”A tower will stand on Święty Krzyż, in Saint Cross Monastery” – “A chancellor at Św. Krzyż. The Kielce University of Technology…” –  “This is how a tower on Święty Krzyż will look like”

Echo Dnia -“Golden Scales for people and companies important to the commune”

Rynek Kamienia – “They will restore the Polish War Cemetery in Loreto”

Rynek Kamienia – “The Stonemasons of Daleszyce at Monte Cassino”

Rynek Kamienia – “Furmanek becomes the Business Gazelle”

Rynek Kamienia – “No euphoria, yet no tears as well”

Rynek Kamienia – “To preserve the history”

Świat Kamienia – “They put their heart in stone”

Świat Kamienia – “They put their heart in stone”

Świat Kamienia – “Monumental work of the stonemasons from Daleszyce” – “Ukraine. Grand opening of the Cemetery at Bykownia”

Rynek Kamienia – “Opening ceremony of the cemetery in Kijów-Bykownia” – “A company from Daleszyce has built a cemetery at Bykownia”

Rynek Kamienia – “A granite memorial has been opened”

Świat Kamienia – “The second phase of the revitalisation has started…”