Another project on Monte Cassino is behind us. We have completed the works on the monument to the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division on hill 593. You can read about our earlier works in this area here >>.

As part of the task, we have performed renovation and conservation works consisting in: execution of repairs of damaged stone elements, disassembly and assembly of detached and loose elements (marble slabs with inscriptions, covers, steps, risers). The inscription boards have been re-polished and the letters have been made legible. The whole has been washed and protected with fungicides and hydrophobic agents.

The monument has the form of a high obelisk and is built of travertine and placed on a stone platform. The architectural assumption was to create a landscape connection with the Polish cemetery. Monumental stairs lead to the place and at the end of the stairs there is  a viewing platform at the top of the hill. Capt. Tadeusz Zandfos was the designer and the builder. At the front wall of the base there are plaques containing 1115 names of 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division soldiers fallen in the Italian campaign.

See the photos presenting the completed work.


We put our heart in stone.