Ksawery PUSŁOwski Manor House in Warsaw


The manor house dates from 1840. It was built by Ksawery Pusłowski on the area of Wierzbno manor farm, based on the design made by an architect, Wojciech Bobiński. It was destroyed during World War II, and then rebuilt and expanded after the war. The manor house is an example of a classical building, based on the plan in the shape of the “T” letter with a four column Ionic portico at the front. Around the manor house, there are remains of a large park with a tree – a monument of nature.

As part of the investment, we have, inter alia, reconstructed the basement floor in the manor house; moreover, we have carried out the restoration of the facade and the external stairs as well as the renovation of a farm building, located on the same plot. The roof truss and roof covering have been replaced in order to protect the building in the future.

We have created a new system of roads and squares with a surface made of granite cobblestone, as well as gravel footpaths. We have modernized storm water drainage, as well as installed new outdoor lighting in the form of a park lanterns and low light poles.

Due to the executed renovation, the building has maintained its function of a public facility with technical functions, placed in the basement.


We put our heart in stone.