Ministry of Finance in Warsaw


The Ministry of Finance Building in Warsaw, which is located in the quarter of Świętokrzyska, Czackiego, Traugutta and Krakowskie Przedmieście Streets, was built in the 1950’s. The architecture of the building combines the features of modernism with the canons of socialist realism while applying the palace principles of the Renaissance and Baroque. For construction, the same materials were used, among others pale pink-gray Suchedniów sandstone, probably coming from the vicinity of Baranów Wola, Baranowska Górka local deposit and “Terazzo” type plaster.

Prior to commencing the renovation works, facades of the buildings required immediate construction and renovation intervention. On the surface of architectural details and in individual parts of the walls there were damages in the form of cracks, separations and chipping, which required the repair and removal of causes of their formation. Preservation state, type and extent of damage and their occurrence, resulted from the technological construction of the external walls and the materials used, as well as their natural aging processes an also the consequences of vandalism.

That is why: we have carried out cleaning, repair and protection against the influence of atmospheric factors of the surfaces and elements such as cornices and plinths of the building facade. We have performed the replacement of cornices and attic walls flashings fixings and we have repaired the risalit covering. Moreover, we have also executed the renovation of the exterior stairs at D2 building.

Following the completion of the works, we have carried out comprehensive cleaning of the windows and doors, which covered not only cleaning of double glazing but also the reveals, both inside and outside the building. Thanks to our efforts, the building is once again a showcase of the Ministry of Finance and the city of Warsaw.


We put our heart in stone.

Architectural detail

We have repaired and removed the cause of the damage to individual parts of the walls and architectural details.


We have completed cleaning, repair and protection against the influence of atmospheric factors of the facade, cornices and plinths of the building.


We have carried out a renovation of the external stairs at the D2 building.