We completed revitalization works at the Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius at the quarters of the Polish and Lithuanian soldiers, who died in the fratricidal fight for Vilnius and five soldiers from Vilnius Self-Defense, who died in street battles with Germans and Bolsheviks at the turn of 1918 and 1919.
The cemetery is nearly 250 years old and consists of several parts: old, new and the Military Cemetery with the mausoleum of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, which his heart and the ashes of his mother rest in.
The renovated tombstones are in the “New Rossa” section.
We have dismantled forty gravestones that were in very poor condition, and then replaced them with the new ones. They are a copy of the original tombstones in terms of material and form.

The column, which is located between the graves of Polish and Lithuanian soldiers, which has the inscription “Vilnius to its saviors” has undergone extensive renovation. It has been cleaned, all loose elements have been removed, then the missing parts have been filled in, all scratches and cracks have been repaired with glue, and finally the whole has been painted again.

Check the photos to see all stages: before, during and after revitalization.

We put our heart in stone.