Statues of envoys have returned to the Palace of the Cracow Bishops in Kielce after 150 years!

We have placed the statues of Moscow and Swedish envoys on the renovated facade of the Palace of the Cracow Bishops. As emphasized by Professor Robert Kotowski, director of the National Museum, it was one of the most spectacular moments of the renovation phase of the historic building of the National Museum in Kielce.

The statues have been decorating the facade since the 17th century. They have been placed there by the then founder, Bishop Jakub Liczik. The statues on the southern part of the facade present Oxenstierna and Brache – the Swedish envoys, and the ones on the north side – Lwów and Szeremetiew, Moscow envoys.

The statues were destroyed by the Russians after the January Uprising in the second half of the 19th century.
The reconstruction of the statues was difficult, because there was no technical documentation. The only preserved elements, showing the original appearance of the statues were the photos that could be used as a model. In addition, the designs were consulted with specialists in the field of art, sculpture and clothing, so that they faithfully refer to the originals.

The sculptures have been made by Grzegorz Świerczyński. Each of them is 3 m high and weighs a ton. The opening of the palace is scheduled for the end of November this year.

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The presented photos come from the collection of the National Museum.

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