A comprehensive project in Włodawa

We can add to our list of projects the commencement of works in the historic Synagogue Complex in Włodawa. Since 1983, this unique complex of three post-Jewish buildings has been the seat of the Museum – Synagogue Complex. Works in this area will be carried out in two stages.


As part of the first stage, the renovation in the Great Synagogue will include, among others, exhibition halls and women’s rooms, together with the adaptation of one of them for a new exhibition. We will replace the all door joinery in the entire building with a new one. Internal electrical installations will be replaced with new ones, while central heating as well as water and sewer installations will be modernized.


As in the case of the Great Synagogue, the Small Synagogue will undergo replacement of the internal door joinery as well as modernization of central heating and water and sewer installations. We will renovate the main hall, exhibition rooms, the main hall and sanitary spaces. Additionally, we will install the necessary lift in the building.

The second stage will concern the renovation of the interior of the Kahal Building and the development of the area of the Synagogue Complex. Here, the work will include exhibition halls, the main hall with internal stairs, administrative and office and social rooms as well as sanitary spaces. We will replace or modernize the appropriate installations, while the entire door joinery will be replaced with a new one.


The adjacent green areas require the design of new plantings that will fit into the existing greenery. The fence on the north side requires modernization, while the fence on the west, east and south sides will be replaced with new one. We will also create a relaxation zone for tourists with the necessary small infrastructure in the form of, for example, benches or bicycle stands.


We are excited about the possibility to work on this unique monument. We invite you to follow the progress of the work, which will be described in the next news.


We put our heart in stone.