Cracovian Bishops Palace in Kielce

COMPLETION DATE: 2003, 2004—2006, 2014

One of the greatest monuments of Kielce is Early Baroque Bishops Palace on Monastery Hill. It should be emphasized that the residence of the Cracovian bishops in Kielce is actually the only one, which has survived from the first half of the 17th century without any significant modifications. Over the centuries, the palace served many different functions and currently it is a seat of the National Museum. In order to allow it to serve both the citizens of Kielce and the tourists, as well as to enable it to play its role, required construction and maintenance works have been carried out.

During the first stage, three portals of black marble have been executed, according to a design from the 17th century.

Next stage consisted in the reconstruction of the retaining walls with armour stone plus the maintenance of the existing fragments and the execution of the northern terrace surface of calcite cobblestone.

Additionally, the reconstruction of the garden stairs near the western loggia of the Palace has been executed.

Moreover, the renovation of the terrace in front of the entrance to the Marshal Józef Piłsudski Sanctuary has been carried out. The activities included replacement of the majority of elements made of Kopulak sandstone with new ones: flooring, plinths, roofing, cladding, eastern and southern stairs with part of the arched part of the balustrade. The remaining parts have been dismantled, and after they have undergone reconstruction, they have been installed again – among others corner pillar of the balustrade and western stairs.

We put our heart in stone.
marble portals

During the first stage, three portals of black marble have been executed according to a design from 17th century.


We have executed the surface of the northern terrace using calcite blocks.

retaining wall

We have reconstructed the retaining walls made of broken stone.