Leopold Staff square in Skarżysko-Kamienna


Works concerning the reconstruction of the L. Staff square were divided into several stages.

The first stage consisted in dismantling L. Staff monument and transferring it to the new location. Then construction works began, divided into three sectors: main square, meeting place and an amphitheater with water cascade. All elements have been executed of Strzegomski granite as well as granite from Scandinavia called Baltic Brown. The works also included the construction of a retaining wall, utility and technical rooms, as well as execution of pavements and stairs. 

Necessary sanitary and electrical installations have also been executed. Moreover, lighting of the entire area has been executed in order to increase the square’s aesthetic value and ensure the safety of its users.

Today, after the completion of the modernization, the square is the place for walks and recreation, but also the venue of many cultural events.

We put our heart in stone.