Museum Palace in Wilanów


One of the most beautiful Polish mansions, now a residential museum. King John III Sobieski’s baroque palace, designed by Augustyn Wincenty Locci, together a garden and two parks constitute a monument of national history and culture.

No historic monument can exist without maintenance works, and this one is no exception.  Therefore, renovation of the Potocki Mausoleum and the reconstruction of the retaining wall have been executed. Extensive works have been performed, including demolition, painting, masonry (reconstruction and maintenance) as well as installation works.

Works connected with retaining wall consisted of two phases:

The first concerned dismantling of some elements, among others railings, bowls and stairs as well as securing walls for the period of archaeological works.  The next step involved insulation and maintenance of the wall as well as the reconstruction of the detail of the wall, including 48 sets of gargoyles plus large and small bowls.  The last phase consisted in installing stone elements, both new and reconstructed ones, with an area of approximately 250m3.

In the King’s Library, where once a rich collection of book was present, renovation of original floor from the time of King Sobieski has been carried out. Etruscan Cabinet has regained the original exhibition area through execution of 34 corbels and 23 running meters of shelves, made of Sandański marble, along with their installation on the northern and southern walls.  

Moreover, we have carried out maintenance, restoration and construction works at the historic building of Housekeeper hut.

These works aimed at restoring the former character of the place, as well as prolonging its existence as a testimony and example of rich Polish tradition.

We put our heart in stone.
retaining wall

Our works connected with retaining wall consisted of three phases: demolition, reconstruction of the wall detail and installation of renovated stone elements with an area of ​​approx. 250m3.


We have carried out the renovation of original floor from the King Sobieski's times in the King's Library, where once a rich collection of book was kept.


We have installed sculptures made of Szydłowiecki sandstone on the retaining wall in the garden of the Palace Museum in Wilanów.