The collegiate church in Tum


On the wetlands near Łęczyca, in Tum, one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in Poland can be found – The Collegiate church of St. Mary and St.  Alexius, built in the second part of the 11th century.

Over the years of negligence and numerous reconstructions, the temple was in such a bad state that this threatened a construction disaster.  In order to allow the building to be used, comprehensive reconstruction and maintenance works were required. 


Works have been carried out, aiming at reinforcing the towers structure by stapling inner and outer wall faces. They included the reconstruction of sandstone architectural details, securing the openings of triforia and biforia of the southern tower as well as completing and painting the ceilings over the matronea. It has been also necessary to replace the floor in the antechapel and to execute the structure relieving the load from the entrance portal along with the necessary rebuilding of masonry, structural reinforcement of the walls made of granite blocks as well as to renovate and strengthen the demising walls along with the reconstruction of cornices of the northern gate.

Maintenance of a ceiling over the nave has also not been forgotten – the suspended coffered ceiling has been executed. The stone walls and vaults have been restored and brought back to their original state. It has required plenty of tedious works, among others, injection and rebuilding of masonry on significant parts of the walls, removing joint grout, surface cleaning, re-grouting and water proofing of  granite walls inside the church. The area around Collegiate Church is now covered with granite cobblestone; moreover, rain water draining system has been installed.
All works executed in Tum allow to make a conclusion that the church, restored to its former glory and appearance, for many years will be reminding us of the centuries-old Christian history of Poland.

We put our heart in stone.
cleaning and reinforcement

We have reinforced the structures of the walls made of granite blocks as well as the surrounding walls; moreover, we have reconstructed the stucco profiles of the northern gate.


We have carried out the maintenance of a ceiling over the main nave along with the execution of the suspended coffered ceiling.

biforia and triforia

Our reconstructions of architectural details included securing the openings of triforia and biforia of the southern tower.