Order of St. Paul the First Hermit Monastery, Jasna Góra


Pauline Fathers monastery complex in Jasna Góra is an object of unique religious and historical significance. It is included on the list of national heritage sites. Masonry and maintenance works, executed between 1985 and 1995 helped to restore the monastery to its former glory.

The following works have been carried out: installation of railings over the treasury and reconstruction of railings above the main entrance. Moreover, pedestals for five Stations of the Cross have been executed; apart from that, disassembly and maintenance from the ground up of one Station of the Cross from the 14th have been carried out. In the Pilgrim House and the monastery, new floor and wall lining has been made.

The area in front of the Pilgrim House has been given a rich character due to execution of a mini amphitheater, fountain, flowerbed and a floor made of granite cobblestone.

Now this area is friendly to everybody. The objectives of the maintenance works included a broadly defined protection of tradition and Christian culture present in this important place.

We put our heart in stone.