The royal castle in Szydłów


The royal castle in Szydłów was built by Casimir the Great in the 14th century and was rebuilt several times. It was an integral part of the city fortifications. Currently, it is the seat of the Regional Museum in Szydłów. Due to the fact that some parts of the building required us to execute completely new structures, the works were carried out gradually. The knight’s hall has undergone general construction and conservation works related to, among others, supplementing walls and plaster, or connecting sanitary sewage and water. In particular, we have focused on such things as the maintenance and restoration of hypocaust stoves, protection and partial restoration of window and door stonework and a fireplace. We have also taken into account the stand for the demonstration and display of blacksmith products. The comprehensive works performed by us in the Skarbczyk building also included general construction and renovation works, including anti-damp insulation, sanitary and sewage installations as well as the facilities for the disabled. We have executed and installed the elements of the exhibition equipment and the multimedia part.

We have adapted the building of the former castle gate to tourist purposes. The works carried out by us included the replacement of the floor, renovation of the facade along with the replacement of window and door woodwork. We have completely replaced electrical, low-voltage, water and sewage installations, and additionally we have made a connection to the fire hydrant and drainage of the building.

The building of the gothic church of the Holy Spirit was built in the mid-fourteenth century. In 1368, a Franciscan monastery was founded by Casimir the Great, which was added to the church and adapted to the so-called Hospital – a poor house. The facility was damaged several times, the hospital building itself functioned until 1944, when it was destroyed as a result of military operations. Currently, the whole facility is in a state of partially secured ruin.

First of all, we have tidied up everything along with the execution of construction works. Part of the building has been covered and window and door openings have been secured. We have also performed conservation of stone architectural details. We have adapted everything to the current needs of cultural and tourist functions.
The synagogue in Szydłów is one of the oldest in Poland. It was most probably built at the end of the 16th century and is an example of a defensive synagogue. At the beginning of the 17th century, it underwent the first major reconstruction – a wooden annex with a women’s gallery was added to the western wall. Currently, it functions as the Commune Culture Center.

Like the other facilities, this one also required us to carry out general construction and renovation works, including the reconstruction of the social and office facilities. We have also taken into account the fire protection and signaling system. We have recreated the details of window and door woodwork. In the prayer room, we have replaced the entire wooden floor with a stone floor and unified the one in women’s gallery. We have performed the maintenance and supplementation of all external stone architectural details and insulated the foundation and basement walls. We have developed the area around the Synagogue taking into account, among others, greenery, pavements, elements of new infrastructure, such as benches, fences or a new playground, so that they fit into the historical character of the space.

We invite you to see how all renovated buildings in Szydłów look now.

We put our heart in stone.