We had the pleasure of hosting the representatives of the “Kamień i co?” Association. We renovate Warsaw landmarks in the Museum of Independence in Warsaw, being renovated by us, so that you can see the work from the inside and learn about the history of this extraordinary building. Thank you for your visit and we invite you to read our guests’ reports on their Facebook profile here >>.

The works in the building of the Museum of Independence are in full swing and are coming to an end. The completion of all works is expected to take place at the end of 2019.
The Museum of Independence in Warsaw was established in 1990 as the Museum of the History of Polish Independence and Social Movements. Its headquarters are located in the Przebendowski / Radziwił Palace, which was entered in 1965 into the list of monuments. In 1990, the building was destined for the Museum of Polish Independence and Social Movements, the name of which was changed in 1991 to the Museum of Independence.

We put our heart in stone.