Works in Hrubieszów are in progress

While maintaining all the necessary precautions, we continue the next stages planned in the work schedule. The building of the Agricultural Syndicate in Hrubieszów is one of them. We have already written about winning the tender here >> and about the completion of some of the works here >>.

Today we will describe the next stage of renovation and adaptation of this facility.

The works on the facade have been completed, the only thing that remains is to paint the plinth after the splash apron has been made. We have reconstructed all the architectural details along with the installation of pinnacles and cornices.

A lot of works have also been completed inside the facility. We have finished all the works related to the plasterboard construction, aluminum and glass walls and painting. The floors have been given a new lease of life; we have also recreated a mosaic on the floor. Additionally, we have installed partition walls and mirrors.
We have completed a lot of works in the column room on the ground floor. We have executed muntin-free walls and carried out restoration works involving the reconstruction of the perimeter profile and renovation of the columns. Granite has been laid in the staircases. We have recently installed a new passenger elevator. We have also started the installation of wooden posts for filling with metal balusters in the staircases. Additionally, the renovation of the historic doors is currently underway.
We invite you to follow our activities in this facility in the next news and on FB.

We put our heart in stone.